Treasury Consulting LLP Clubs - "The Mavericks"

Treasury Consulting LLP is having own Club titled – “The Mavericks “ Club is intend to generate various kinds of knowledge and would sink with the Brand of Treasury Consulting LLP – “Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers”

As we understand that our Brand – “Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers” is having presence on almost all Social Networks across the Globe and we are serving millions of members across the Globe We would extend the relationship on Pan Asia basis having our own Clubs

The Mavericks would be covering following topics for members:-

Treasury Consulting Club would be a paid club where by we would offer you Seminars Conferences Trainings Webinars Consulting advices to all the members Club membership fee would be Rs 2000/Qtr And would be open for following members

“The Mavericks” would be 100% Practical Software Oriented Case Studies based Research Reports and Analytical in nature

Membership Contact: - For membership connect with us at Rahulmagan@treasuryconsultingin Rahulmagan8@gmailcom Skype Connect ~Rahul5327 Twitter @ Rahulmagan8 You are also welcome to connect with us at 91-9899242978 in that regards