Treasury Consulting LLP FX Desk FX Consulting / Trade Finance/ Swap Desk/ Valuation Adjustments

Treasury Consulting LLP doing all sorts of Foreign Exchange Derivatives Treasury Management Risk Management Consulting for clients across Asia Pacific level Treasury Consulting covering both Onshore as well as Offshore Treasury Centres covering FX Consulting Sitting today Company is giving FX Consulting to all prominent Clients across Asia Pacific Level

Treasury Consulting Swaps Desk covering all sorts of Swaps like Dollarization Swaps Reverse Dollarization Swaps Cross Currency Swaps Overnight Index Swaps ( OIS ) Assets Swaps Basis Swaps Amortization Swaps Libor Fiat Swaps and respective swaps Company is serving Clients covering $ Liability into $ INR Liability or INR Liability into $ Liability Treasury Consulting FX Desk serving Clients saving funds while doing Swaps covering Capital Account as well as Current Account Transactions

Treasury Consulting serving Clients doing hedging of External Commercial Borrowings ( ECB ) and Foreign Currency Non Resident ( FCNR ) funding which is a Capital Account Transactions using Forwards Contracts ( STFX MTFX and LTFX ) Options Contracts Options Payoffs or using Structured Derivatives in India

 Treasury Consulting FX Desk would be covering both G7 DM EM Currencies like GBP/USD EUR/USD AUD/USD NZD/USD USD/SGD USD/JPY USD/CZK USD/RON USD/MYR USD/THB and respective currencies

Treasury Consulting LLP covering all sorts of FX Instruments like Forwards Contracts Options Derivatives Options Payoffs Structured Derivatives STFX Forwards Contracts MTFX Forwards Contracts LTFX Forwards Contracts Equity Derivatives and Exchange Traded Derivatives ( ETD )

Treasury Consulting FX Desk (Valuation Adjustments)::- Treasury Consulting offers valuation of FX Adjustments like Credit Valuation Adjustment ( CVA ) Debit Valuation Adjustment ( DVA ) Funding Valuation Adjustment ( FVA ) Collateral Valuation Adjustment ( COLVA OIS ) Capital Valuation Adjustment ( CVA ) and Margin Valuation Adjustment ( XVA ) FX Desk covering Valuation Adjustment on all sorts of Derivatives Instruments like Forwards Contracts Options Contracts Options Structures Options Derivatives and last but not the least Structured Derivatives

Treasury Consulting LLP is having following Clients across Asia Pacific level where by our Portfolio Covers Foreign Exchange Risk Management Treasury Risk Management Interest Rates Derivatives Interest Rates Swaps Options Derivatives Exchange Traded Derivatives OTC Derivatives Exotic Derivatives Options Payoffs Carry Trades Overnight Index Swaps (OIS) Assets Swaps Basis Swaps Libor Swaps Accreting Swaps Fixed to Float Swaps Float to Fixed Swaps Foreign Currency to Local Currency Swaps Local Currency to Foreign Currency Swaps

Over the period Treasury Consulting LLP would increase his portfolio for respective Clients across the Globe

Treasury Consulting LLP – Fixed Income / Bond Desk

Treasury Consulting LLP Fixed Income Desk covers Trading Valuations of Fixed Income Instruments like Corporate Bonds Medium Term Notes (MTN) Commercial Papers (CP) Certificate of Deposits (CD) Banker Acceptance (BA) High Yield Bonds Investment Grade Bonds Non-Investment Grade Bonds G-Sec Securities like Treasury Bills Cash Management Bills (CMB) Treasury Notes and Treasury Bonds