Treasury Consulting CFO Services - Controllership Services , Non Controllership Services , Virtual Auditor

Cost effectiveness : SME’s having limitation for affording the highly skilled services of full time CFO or experts therefore to fill this gap we provide such services which reduces the cost to the company

 Focus on business development : Finance is the back bone of a company which needs attention and time this demands sacrifices from the CEO’s time which could be dedicated to the company’s other important strategic and business development tasks Our services will help CEO to spare and devote his precious time in other business activities and decision making

 Control over operations : Financial departments if ignored may cause problems such as expensive litigation and unsystematic working Our services will make sure that the company finance and other ancillary departments works as a integral part to the organization consisting of all checks processes procedure and control are in place

 Effective Resource : In a new start-up it is not viable to estimate human resource requirement Growth of business is not easy to predict and the cost of resource may be very high Hence our services may reduce staffing cost by providing talent resource for operating finance activities till the company mature enough to establish independent finance department

 Major services as a Virtual CFO :-


 Major Services as a Virtual Treasurer :-