Treasury Consulting LLP offer Accounting Services whereby covering Key Accounting Standards : -

Our Accounting Services covers Business Combinations Fair Valuation Derivatives Accounting Debt Accounting Investment Accounting Fair Value Option and last but not the least Cash Flow Reporting or Cash Flow Statements

Forensic Accounting Domain: - Treasury Consulting LLP offers Forensic Accounting Services where by covering Frauds Forensics Analytics Litigation Strategies (Indian Litigation Strategies United States Litigation Strategies) International Financial Controls (Companies Act - 143(12)) and respective services under Forensic Accounting

We covering the following : -

Rahul Magan Chief Executive Officer Treasury Consulting LLP is acting as a Counter Director (India Region) for following International forums who also acts as a Foreign Partner for Treasury Consulting LLP

International Association of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals Inc (NY Headquartered - IICFIP)

Association of Certified Forensics Accounting Professionals (Dubai Headquartered - ACFAP)